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One of the perks of being Republic Media is that we have A LOT of resources. And one of the perks of being an advertiser is that we love nothing more than sharing the wealth. (Pun intended.) On this page, we give you a backstage look at the latest research, business news and events – all the things you need to know to keep you in the know.

Business News Feeds

  • More than 850 new jobs expected in Phoenix
    02-10-2016 1:11am - From Phoenix - Business
    More than 850 new jobs are expected to come to northwest Phoenix by the end of March.
  • How bad will it get for the banks?
    02-09-2016 10:57pm - From Phoenix - Business
    There are growing fears that global banks are headed for a meltdown, the likes of which have not been seen since 2008.
  • Sears accelerates store closures as sales drop
    02-09-2016 9:20pm - From Phoenix - Business
    The company will also look at additional ways to cut costs and sell off other assets
  • Ex-MLB chief Bud Selig to teach at ASU law school
    02-09-2016 7:02pm - From Phoenix - Business
    Former MLB Commissioner Allan "Bud" Selig will join the Sports Law and Business program at ASU's law school.
  • Apollo Education to go private in $1.1B deal
    02-09-2016 5:19pm - From Phoenix - Business
    Apollo Education is being taken private in a $1.1 billion deal by a consortium led by private investment firm The Vistria Group.
  • What to know about the University of Phoenix sale
    02-09-2016 4:21pm - From Phoenix - Business
    The Apollo Education Group supports a $1.1 billion sale of the company to three private equity firms. Here are some common concerns and what we know so far.
  • Hard-hit Nasdaq put on bear market watch
    02-09-2016 4:10pm - From Phoenix - Business
    The once high-flying Nasdaq composite, an index filled with tech shares, is down nearly 18% from its July record high and nearing bear-market territory.
  • Renters, beware: Auto insurance often costlier
    02-09-2016 3:35pm - From Phoenix - Business
    Several large insurers charge motorists who rent more for basic vehicle-liability coverage than those who own a home.
  • Arizona power plant to run on forest thinnings
    02-09-2016 2:52pm - From Phoenix - Business
    A power plant in Northern Arizona will run on trees thinned from the forest to prevent fires.
  • Attention! Chipotle making amends with free burritos
    02-09-2016 2:37pm - From Phoenix - Business
    Scratch that burrito bowl off your list of food possibilities until later Monday. But if your lunch plans were disrupted, Chipotle is offering a promotion.