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  • After scoring twice in the ninth to force extra innings and with closer Ryan Burr on the mound, Arizona State was in position to finish its Pac-12 opening weekend with a series win.
    03-16-2014 9:42pm - From Top Business
    After scoring twice in the ninth to force extra innings and with closer Ryan Burr on the mound, Arizona State was in position to finish its Pac-12 opening weekend with a series win.Instead, WashingtonÂ’s Andrew Ely homered off Burr leading off the 11th and ASU came up empty offensively in two extra frames in a 4-3 Huskies win at Packard Stadium.
  • Best Buy to offer solar panel leases
    03-12-2014 2:54pm - From Top Business
    Shoppers can now check out solar panels to make electricity on their roof while they are browsing flat-screen TVs and iPods at Best Buy, which is partnering with California-based SolarCity Corp. The solar company, which specializes in 20-year leasing arrangements where customers get the electricity from solar panels but don't own them, is offering its products at 11 Best Buy stores in Arizona and about 50 other stores in California, Hawaii, New York and Oregon.
  • 95% of ATMs could face hacking threat
    03-12-2014 2:35pm - From Top Business
    Banks and other businesses have less than a month to get their plans in place before the computer operating system powering about 95 percent of the country's ATMs becomes vulnerable to hackers and computer viruses. On April 8, Microsoft will pull the plug on tech support for Windows XP, the brains behind nearly all of the nation's 420,000 automated teller machines.
  • Small companies pound pavement to get big deals
    03-12-2014 12:19pm - From Top Business
    NEW YORK -- When a small business can boast having big clients like Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble, their peers often want to know how they did it. The truth is there's no magic that gets a small business a deal with big companies. It takes good old-fashioned pavement pounding.
  • Regulators question utilities on security status
    03-12-2014 11:53am - From Top Business
    PHOENIX -- Arizona regulators are asking electric utilities in the state to say whether they're prepared for security threats ranging from cyberattacks to penetrations of equipment and facilities. Corporation Commissioner members Bob Stump and Bob Burns are posing numerous questions on security preparedness in a letter they sent to Arizona Public Service Co., Tucson Electric Power, the Salt River Project and an association of electric co-ops.
  • New Jersey to Tesla Motors: You must use a middleman
    03-12-2014 11:43am - From Top Business
    Tesla Motors, which has been fighting state-by-state to be able to sell its electric cars directly to the public, just lost big in New Jersey. Tesla has been fighting to sell its cars using its direct-sales model in the other states as well, such as Texas, where it lost. In New Jersey, the California-based company says it thought it had an agreement with Gov. Chris Christie's administration.
  • Agency suing American Airlines over tax incentives
    03-12-2014 10:58am - From Top Business
    CHICAGO The agency that oversees public transportation in Chicago is suing American Airlines for falsely claiming to buy "vast amounts of jet fuel" from a small office in a rural community to avoid paying tens of millions of dollars in taxes in the nation's third-largest city, where the actual work is done. The lawsuit comes a year after the same agency -- the Regional Transportation Authority -- accused United Airlines in a lawsuit of doing the same thing in the same small town. The RTA filed its lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court late Tuesday afternoon.
  • Europe makes a stink about American cheese names
    03-12-2014 10:17am - From Top Business
    WASHINGTON -- Errico Auricchio produced cheese with his family in Italy until he brought his trade to the United States more than 30 years ago. Now, the European Union is saying his cheese isn't authentic enough to carry a European name. As part of trade talks, the EU wants to ban the use of names like Parmesan, feta and Gorgonzola on cheese made in the United States. The argument is that the American-made cheeses are shadows of the original European varieties and cut into sales and identity of the European cheeses.
  • Airlines lower forecast for record 2014 profit
    03-12-2014 9:42am - From Top Business
    GENEVA -- The global airlines industry still expects a record profit for 2014, just not quite as high as previously forecast due to the impact of rising jet fuel prices, officials said Wednesday. But the cost of fuel isn't the only challenge. Venezuela's decision to block airlines from taking profits out of the country, the Ukrainian political crisis and a vanished Malaysian jetliner are adding uncertainty to the outlook, said Tony Tyler, director-general and CEO of the International Air Transport Association.
  • Affordable Care Act sign-ups slowing, but deadline surge expected
    03-12-2014 2:06am - From Top Business
    Arizona's pace for Affordable Care Act sign-ups cooled in February as 14,116 residents selected a health-insurance plan, raising the state's total to 57,611 with just weeks to go before enrollment ends. January enrollment was slightly more robust, with 15,552 Arizonans signing up for private health insurance through the federal marketplace,