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5 months ago

Understand Your Customers

To better understand how to make your marketing more efficient, and reach your target audience of new prospective customers, it’s a good idea to start by understanding your existing customers. 

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about 6 months ago

Segment Your Market, Segment Your Advertising

Businesses with limited, perishable inventory face a stark reality.  The marginal revenue on unsold product is zero while fixed costs remain unchanged.  If they don’t sell enough, they don’t break even.  Obvious examples include concert venues and sports teams, but service providers like plumbing firms are in a similar situation.  They essentially sell time, and can’t hold an inventory clearance sale the next day

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about 7 months ago

3 ways you should be using your CRM to boost sales

For many, using a CRM platform feels like a burden - an extra step that takes precious time away from your day, slows the sales process, or complicates things because everyone in the office uses it differently. But the truth about your CRM system is that there is a wealth of information awaiting you, and with three simple steps, you can set your company up to boost sales by being smarter and more efficient with your sales and marketing strategies.

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