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5 months ago

2018 Phoenix Economic Forecast

Phoenix will maintain its momentum in 2018 and best the region and the nation. Employment growth has accelerated over the past six months and continues to outpace that of the region and the nation as it has for most of the decade. Healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, and business/professional services account for nearly all the hiring this year....continue reading

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6 months ago

Understand Your Business Goals

Step two in making your marketing more efficient requires that you take a hard look at your key business goals, and prioritize your marketing strategy accordingly.

Make sure you use the SMART Goal approach – it’s a great way to ensure you have clarity around your primary business goal.

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11 months ago

Celebrating 10 Years of Client Strategy and Success

As I was eating lunch with a co-worker the other day, we were reminiscing about Republic Media. Talking about friends that we made, friends that we miss, what our job was, who we worked for and what we loved about it – specifically thinking about 2007 as that is when we first met. I then realized that 2007 was the year the Client Strategy team and services were formed, and I was a part of it!  10 years ago. Wow.  

Since that conversation, I have thought a lot about the purpose of forming this team, the services we provide, what it meant for partners of Republic Media, and what it means today...

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