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6 months ago

Phoenix Health Decision Makers and their Digital Journey

A new Multi-Market Health Study released by The USA TODAY Network surveying over 10,000 respondents revealed that when health decision makers are looking for health information, they need to do one of two things:

  1. Find a health care provider
  2. Research symptoms/illness

The process they take may surprise you.  

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7 months ago

Is The Newspaper on Life Support?

In this day and age, advertisers are focused on identifying the right audience and working to get in front of them as efficiently and effectively as possible. This effort is often demonstrated by many through a litany of buzz words compiled to inspire, a secret formula designed to intrigue, or a confusing series of reports that feels like an intimidation tactic.

But in the best of times, success isn’t masked or marred by interpretation or distracting nomenclature. It speaks for itself through results.  And sometimes it’s stunning.

The legacy of The Arizona Republic spans well over a century. And while many things have changed since those early days in Phoenix, the integrity of our journalists and the success of our marketplace has not. 

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9 months ago

Print is Dead!

This just in: Report of print’s death exaggerated.
Unbroken Tradition

From newspapers to magazines to books, the predicted print apocalypse just hasn’t come to fruition. And though people are consuming information in new and different ways, traditional media still brings a big—and significant—audience.

The word “traditional” sometimes gets a bad rap, with many equating the term with “old” or “outdated.” The fact is the majority of Americans are still getting some of their news from traditional sources, including print . According to its “State of the Media 2015” report, Pew Research Center has newspaper circulation at 44.1 million for weekday editions and 47.9 million for Sunday editions [ii].

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