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one year ago

3 ways you should be using your CRM to boost sales

For many, using a CRM platform feels like a burden - an extra step that takes precious time away from your day, slows the sales process, or complicates things because everyone in the office uses it differently. But the truth about your CRM system is that there is a wealth of information awaiting you, and with three simple steps, you can set your company up to boost sales by being smarter and more efficient with your sales and marketing strategies.

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2 years ago

Premier Marketing Optimization Technology, Powered by ReachLocal

You’ve got a beautiful, professional, simple website that is mobile-friendly and optimized for search.

You are actively managing your social media accounts.

You advertise across a healthy mix of traditional and digital channels.

You feel great about your marketing strategy.

… and then something changes.

Perhaps you need to cut your budget. Or you find the same tactics are no longer generating the customers you need...

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2 years ago

Cost vs. Return – Measuring Advertising in Financial Terms

Advertising is an investment in your business which, much like a personal investment, can be measured in financial terms. When considering pay per click advertising, a mutual fund is an appropriate analogy.  You invest your money expecting to get something in return. For your own portfolio, it’s dividends and capital gains. For your business, it’s leads that ultimately drive revenue.  

So how do we measure return?

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