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about 12 months ago

Infographic: Peep These Easter Stats

On the hunt for bigger spring holiday sales? Take a look back at 2017 predictions to help inform your 2018 promotions. 

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one year ago

Infographic: The Lucky Numbers Behind St. Patrick’s Day

This year, more than 130 million consumers won’t just wear green, they’ll spend it (by the billions). With the following stats, we tell you who they are and what they’ll buy to help ensure your promotional advertising leads to a bigger pot of gold.  

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2 years ago

Is The Newspaper on Life Support?

In this day and age, advertisers are focused on identifying the right audience and working to get in front of them as efficiently and effectively as possible. This effort is often demonstrated by many through a litany of buzz words compiled to inspire, a secret formula designed to intrigue, or a confusing series of reports that feels like an intimidation tactic.

But in the best of times, success isn’t masked or marred by interpretation or distracting nomenclature. It speaks for itself through results.  And sometimes it’s stunning.

The legacy of The Arizona Republic spans well over a century. And while many things have changed since those early days in Phoenix, the integrity of our journalists and the success of our marketplace has not. 

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