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5 months ago

Digital Marketing 101: Maintaining Owned Channels

Digital technology is everywhere. If you’re selling a product or service, creating a presence across digital media channels is imperative because that’s where your customers are.

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9 months ago

Premier Website Development Services, Powered by ReachLocal

Websites are a critical and central component of any digital strategy: they are how current and prospective customers find and connect with products and services. With more than 70% of local customers checking out local businesses online prior to purchasing or visiting brick and mortar stores, having a website is important to activating and controlling the conversation. Websites provide an opportunity to communicate multiple levels of information, and they act as a “home base” for content efforts and digital initiatives. Websites are also a cornerstone of brand-building.

But simply having a website isn’t enough

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10 months ago

You Get What You Pay for – Protecting and Lifting Your Brand’s Image

Recently, I was in the process of planning a vacation when I got an alert for a very low fare. I wasn’t very familiar with the travel site, but the cost lured me in. As I started investigating further, I realized not everything was as it seemed as the airline started tacking on additional fees. One fee for cancelling the flight was more than the flight itself, but ultimately I still purchased because it was such a great deal overall. Fast forward to the day of departure and the flight was delayed and eventually cancelled. The words “buyer beware” flashed through my mind as I waited on hold for over an hour.

You get what you pay for. Don't risk you brand's image with display ads that asssosiate it with questionable content.

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