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3 weeks ago

Meet Jim Williams

This project editor’s greatest professional accomplishment? Being part of one of the first Gannett properties to offer branded content. Meet Jim Williams...

What is your role and how do you support advertising? How long have you been with Republic Media? 

I’ve been with Republic Media more than 17 years…that’s nearly a century in dog years if you’re keeping score. My role in the support of advertising? The long answer: Republic Media Content Marketing, and myself as its project editor, serve as a turnkey, multi-platform content development department within The Arizona Republic, creating credible, compelling and actionable print, digital and specific-niche client products that help drive success for our ad teams.

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one month ago

The Ripples of Good

Whether your business is small or large, local to Arizona or not, we all make decisions that affect the community. A new year offers a great opportunity to reflect on those decisions, and also take inventory of their impact. In this article, our very own Mi-Ai Parrish illustrates how every action we take, every choice we make, has ripples for good and for not.   

Publishers NoteThe Ripples of Good

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about 2 months ago

A special video to celebrate the season from Republic Media

In 2017, we told Arizona's stories and connected you with the community in new ways. 

Because it's our mission to be your best partner every day.

View our special video message. 

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