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9 months ago

Digital Marketing 101: Maintaining Owned Channels

Digital technology is everywhere. If you’re selling a product or service, creating a presence across digital media channels is imperative because that’s where your customers are.

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11 months ago

Can You Trust Your Media Partner?

The most recent election shed light on the fake news phenomenon: fantastic, click-bait headlines that sensationalize misinformation and propagate lies. This element breads quickly on social media, garnering millions of likes, shares, and even followers. Sometimes these sites offer something as seemingly innocuous as a less-then-factual celebrity list, but they can also spread toxic, unsubstantiated “news” that can create confusion and cause hysteria. USA TODAY offers a look at how to spot fake news, but the truth is fake news outlets are always inventing new ways to lure in readers.

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one year ago

The “Why” Behind Branding

The term “brand” has experienced quite the evolution, as has the approach to communicating a brand, which is called “branding.” Back in the hay days of advertising, a brand was nothing more than a logo slapped up on something somewhere. Consumers would store it up in their memory, and based on the frequency of seeing the brand, consumers would engage with it – whether that meant going into a store and purchasing a brand-name product or calling a toll free number to hire someone for services. 

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