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6 months ago

Segment Your Market, Segment Your Advertising

Businesses with limited, perishable inventory face a stark reality.  The marginal revenue on unsold product is zero while fixed costs remain unchanged.  If they don’t sell enough, they don’t break even.  Obvious examples include concert venues and sports teams, but service providers like plumbing firms are in a similar situation.  They essentially sell time, and can’t hold an inventory clearance sale the next day

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8 months ago

Marketing to digital moms

Moms are constantly evolving to ensure they’re in the know. They’re caring, hip, their purses have every lifesaving item you can think of, and they’re also tech savvy. 95% of all US mothers are on the internet, spending at least 3.5 hours a day online. They use their smartphones to make purchasing decisions, and search for entertainment and information, which means they’re constantly being targeted with ads and fed with “recommended for you” products, services and information.

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one year ago

Reach Consumers Online Across Generations

For marketing to be effective, it needs to reach the right audience, and reach isn't just a matter of selecting the right marketing tactics. Before you launch any marketing strategy, you need to know and understand your target audience - from the Silent Generation to Millenials and beyond. Looking at common traits within these groups can make your marketing more effective. 

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