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4 months ago

When in Doubt, Optimize Your Marketing

Sometimes in marketing, you end up feeling stuck. Your marketing campaigns have stagnated, and it’s not clear why. The easiest way to identify areas for improvement or changes to an advertising campaign is to optimize through testing. 

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6 months ago

Segment Your Market, Segment Your Advertising

Businesses with limited, perishable inventory face a stark reality.  The marginal revenue on unsold product is zero while fixed costs remain unchanged.  If they don’t sell enough, they don’t break even.  Obvious examples include concert venues and sports teams, but service providers like plumbing firms are in a similar situation.  They essentially sell time, and can’t hold an inventory clearance sale the next day

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9 months ago

Arizona Newspapers Association Excellence in Advertising – 2017 award winners

The Arizona Newspapers Association (ANA) announced the winners of its annual ‘Excellence in Advertising’ competition, and the Republic Media creative team took home seven prizes in addition to the coveted General Excellence award.

Each year, the ANA honors the best in 12 categories of advertising, ranging from traditional print to digital banner ads. The winners were announced at the 2017 ANA Fall Convention on Sept. 30 at Wild Horse Pass Resort.

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