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2 days ago

5 Best Practices To Grow Your Email Subscriber List

The best way to get a return on your email marketing investment is by continuously making an effort to expand your email subscriber list to include new leads. Here are five tips for small business to grow their targeted email marketing lists, without having to buy a mailing list.

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one week ago

AI and Commerce are a Lot Like My Three-Year-Old

This is Evan. He’s three. He’s kind of wild. He is curious, and wants to know how things work. I see so much promise for him; I can’t wait to see what he’s going to be. And, at the same time, I must prevent him from doing things to hurt himself on a regular basis. As I began to think about artificial intelligence, and more specifically conversational commerce, I could not help but think of Evan.

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2 weeks ago

Infographic: Aim Your Valentine’s Day Promotions in The Right Direction

This Valentine's make their heart grow fonder of of your business. 

A Valentine’s Day infographic that helps aim your Valentine’s Day promotions in the right direction. 

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