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More than 696,000 people ages 18-29 live in the Phoenix metro area, comprising 20% of the population. Growing up in a digital age, these young adults enjoy unlimited, real-time access to media, an opportunity that has shaped their habits and expectations as consumers. Predominately single, a large percentage are employed in full or part-time positions and 40% own their homes. To reach this savvy, digitally-minded audience across a variety of platforms, an integrated marketing campaign is paramount. Download the full profile to learn more.

30 - 49 YEAR OLDS

More than 1.2 million adults ages 30-49 live in the Phoenix metro area, comprising 36% of the population. Mostly middle- and working-class families, many have at least one child under the age of 18. They tend to maintain lifestyles reflective of family: lots of sports, electronic toys, and groceries in bulk. With their active routines, they have limited time and shared attention spans, and look to a variety of sources for news and information. Download the full profile to learn more.


More than one million residents in the Phoenix metro area are ages 50-69 and comprise 30% of the market. With higher incomes than some of the market, they make up the largest group of consumers in the Valley. These people are enjoying their prime earning years and while they are saving for retirement, they’re also interested in exploring new ways that allow them to live in the moment. Download the full profile to learn more.


Nealry 447,000 Valley residents are 70+, comprising 13% of all adults in the Phoenix metro market. These people are well educated, and keep up with the latest news and information including the economy, politics, health and family. Deeply rooted in Valley life, most have lived in their homes for more than 10 years and most are retired. Download the full profile to learn more.


Making up 39% of the market, there are more than 1.3 million Valley residents with children under the age of 18 in the household. With family members ranging in age from children to teenagers to adults, this audience seeks out family-friendly events, restaurants and products with universal appeal. This audience consumes media through a variety of different channels, making a multi-platform solution vital for reaching them. Download the full profile to learn more.


With more than 874,000 Hispanic adults in Phoenix, this audience constitutes 26% of the market. These individuals control $50 billion in spending and are a powerful and dynamic group of consumers. With many layers of social, economic and cultural complexities, their preferences for language, media outlets, political parties and occupations are highly diverse. One shared priority is family, as 63% have children under the age of 18 in the household. Download the full profile to learn more.


Nearly 430,000 Spanish-speaking Hispanics live in the Phoenix Metro area, comprising 13% of the population. Spanish-speakers are more likely to be relatively new to the area. 63% of these residents have children under 18, they tend to be interested in goods, services and activities targeted to families. Branding messages are particularly important to this demographic as they may be less familiar with your brand.

HH Income $75K+

Nearly 1.2 million Valley residents have a household income of over $75,000, comprising 34% of the market, and Republic Media can help you reach them. The majority of these adults are married and more likely to be dual-income households than the market. In addition, this audience is likely to have a formal education and to be employed in white-collar professions. They have high rates of homeownership and many have children under the age of 18. Download the full profile to learn more.


More than 2.1 million people in Phoenix own their homes, making up to 62% of the market. This large and active group varies in age and is employed in a wide range of occupations. Homeowners are tech savvy and access the Internet for everything from sports scores to performing financial transactions. Keeping up with news and information is important to them and they rely on various platforms for updates. This group is more likely than the overall market to make purchases using credit cards, and can be reached with advertising messages through a variety of media including the Web and print publications. Download the full profile to learn more.


More than 595,000 Phoenix area adults are planning to look for a new job in the next 12 months. Nearly half of these job seekers are employed in full-time positions and use a variety of media sources to find their ideal job. In order to reach these passive and active job seekers, it’s imperative to utilize the strength of The Arizona Republic, and to showcase your career opportunities and attract your ideal candidate. Download the full profile to learn more.


More than 1.2 million adults in the Phoenix metro area live in rented properties, and Republic Media reaches half of them. Households comprise of mostly working class individuals employed in both white-collar and blue-collar jobs. A large percentage of renters are Hispanic – many with children under the age of 18 in the house – with almost half between the ages of 25-44. Download the full profile to learn more.


Nearly 660,000 Phoenix adults plan to buy a car in the next year, and Republic Media helps you reach them. These shoppers are more savvy and informed than ever, relying on multiple sources including print and the web to search for cars, research brands and locate dealers. Whether tapping into the immediate influence of digital or the trusted expertise of newspapers, Republic Media helps drive car buyers toward your business throughout the purchase process. Download the full profile to learn more.

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