• John  Zidich
    “Working with people who share a common vision and purpose is unbelievably rewarding.”

    John Zidich

    President/Publisher/Chief Executive Officer

    John oversees the leadership of Republic Media, and after 36 years in the industry, remains inspired​ by the significant difference his business makes in the community. When he’s not serving up media strategy, he’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen – where he heads to relax with friends and family.

  • John Misner
    “The integration of our digital site, newspaper, and television station gives us a unique opportunity to inform and entertain our audience."

    John Misner

    Chief Operating Officer & General Manager, 12 News/KPNX-TV

    ​With 32 years of media experience, John has a dual role as the general manager of the television station as well as the chief operating officer for The Arizona Republic, azcentral.com and 12 News. And if you didn't think those were enough hats to wear, he also happens to be a fly fisherman, golfer, triathlete, and dad. Yep, he's a busy guy.

  • Jon  Held
    “Our financial strategy today positions us for winning in the years to come.”

    Jon Held

    Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

    ​Touting nearly 18 years of experience, Jon's responsibilities as a group controller include financial and strategic matters of Republic Media. When not crunching numbers, he's carrying a tune in his church choir and occasionally, a Broadway-style show.

  • Chris Stegman
    “The right solution comes from understanding how and why our customers’ customers shop them!”

    Chris Stegman

    Vice President, Advertising

    ​After 17 years in the business, Chris is more passionate than ever about helping local businesses grow their market share, and about growing and developing his advertising staff. Every day, his team challenges themselves to be better than the day before. A 2x ironman, he's also open to challenging runners half his age to a foot race.

  • Dan  Mayasich
    “There’s nothing like sight, sound and motion to convey a story.”

    Dan Mayasich

    General Sales Manager, 12 News/KPNX-TV

    Bringing with him 30 years of industry experience, Dan oversees the 12 News Sales Department and is dedicated to ensuring his staff delivers world-class service to our customers. But he's not all work and no play. In fact, there's a guitar-playing songwriter under that suit.

  • Brooke Christofferson
    “Marketing is about knowing the needs, wants and pains of your customer.”

    Brooke Christofferson

    Vice President, Market & Business Development

    Bringing with her 16 years of experience, Brooke leads the marketing efforts of Republic Media including research, client solutions, sales training, and marketing communications for both consumers and business customers. She's also a die-hard Iowa Hawkeye fan- watch out Big 10.

  • Mark Hiland
    “Innovation means engaging our audience with interactive, visually stunning experiences.”

    Mark Hiland

    Vice President, Digital & Sports Audience Development

    Mark brings 24 years of experience to his current role – developing, executing and evaluating the strategic direction for azcentral.com across all digital platforms. While his work keeps him grounded, he spends his free time in the sky piloting planes. 

    “Know your customers, why they seek you and how they find you.”


    Director, Advertising Automotive Sales

    ​Backed by more than 21 years of experience, Chris  provides leadership and strategy to the automotive and the real estate/rentals team to deliver joint results- both for Republic Media and our clients.  When not crafting integrated solutions, he can be found enjoying international craft beers. (Often in that order.)

  • Randy Lovely
    “With 350 talented journalists, we reach more residents and cover the stories that matter most.”

    Randy Lovely

    Senior Vice President, News & Audience Development

    With a career in the industry spanning 25 years, Randy's role is to set the strategic vision for how The Arizona Republic, azcentral.com and 12 News work together to deliver the best news and information across each of our products or platforms. In constant pursuit of the work-life balance, Randy loves traveling, learning about wine, laughing with friends and digging in the dirt almost as much as digging for stories.

  • Nicole Carroll
    “I believe Republic Media’s purpose is to spread the truth.”

    Nicole Carroll

    Vice President, News & Executive Editor

    ​With 21 years of industry experience, Nicole oversees the content for all platforms, encourages staff development and maintains product excellence while working towards total integration of the information center. Additionally, she recently completed her first half marathon upon ending a longtime affair with walking. 

  • Mark Casey
    “Television journalism makes positive differences in our communities.”

    Mark Casey

    Vice President, News Director

    Mark uses 37 years of experience to make 12 News the best television broadcast in Phoenix by making story decisions, coaching the staff and finding the best journalists in the business. Keeping him in line? His three rescue dogs-all herders.

    “It’s our goal to make the first decision the RIGHT decision.”


    Director, Advertising Operations

    With 22 years of industry experience, Craig directs the activities, operations, staff and strategy of the advertising operations departments. Overseeing print and digital support and design, newspaper layout and advertising systems may seem like a lot, but for this avid golfer it’s just par for the course.