• Mi-Ai Parrish
    “It’s exciting to be part of swiftly transforming a vital part of our democracy.”

    Mi-Ai Parrish

    President & Publisher

    ​Backed by 25 years of industry experience, Mi-Ai provides strategic vision for Arizona’s largest media company as it evolves to meet needs, engage with consumers and fulfill its mission of providing quality journalism. How did she prepare for such a role? She once drove a stock car, went skydiving and bungee-jumped all in the same day. 

  • Chase Rankin
    “Frequency and consistency are the keys to any successful campaign."

    Chase Rankin

    Vice President, Advertising

    ​18 years in the business helped ready Chase to oversee the advertising division of Republic Media and provide solutions to clients on an everyday basis. Adept at dodging curveballs and making pitches, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s also an avid baseball fan. 

  • Nicole Carroll
    “I believe Republic Media’s purpose is to spread the truth.”

    Nicole Carroll

    Vice President, News & Editor

    ​With more than 20 years of industry experience, Nicole oversees the content for all platforms, encourages staff development and maintains product excellence while working towards total integration of the information center. Additionally, she recently completed her first half marathon thus ending a longtime affair with walking. 

  • Trisha Gosser
    “My role is to be the champion of strategic discipline.”

    Trisha Gosser

    Vice President, Finance

    ​Working in finance for eight years, Trisha provides financial leadership for Republic Media by ensuring accurate reporting, managing cost efficiency and driving strategic focus. Having hiked the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim, completed the Boston Marathon and as an avid CrossFitter, she’s dedicated to more than just the bottom line.

  • Kevin Martinelli
    “Identifying a current or prospective client’s key marketing challenge is critical for developing the right solution.”

    Kevin Martinelli

    Director, Key Account Sales

    ​Getting his start in broadcast 18 years ago, Kevin now leads salespeople responsible for driving client ROI in Republic Media’s Key Accounts division. Who else is he passionate about coaching? Youth sports football teams.

  • Catherine Kimsey
    “If you’re going to inspire consumers, first you need to understand your customers.”

    Catherine Kimsey

    Director, Key Account Sales

    ​With 10 years in the industry, Catherine oversees local strategic accounts, performance-based marketing campaigns and national business. And while her marketing acumen strikes a high note with advertisers, she plays the flute only for herself.

  • Brett Sondrup
    “It’s our job to encourage commerce and growth in Arizona.”

    Brett Sondrup

    Director, Classified Advertising

    18 years of experience in information technology and digital media means Brett is no stranger to rapid change and is well prepared to bring innovative solutions to our partners in the Real Estate, Recruitment and Automotive categories. His passion for exploring uncharted opportunities in the changing marketing landscape is also evident in his love for discovering new places with his family.

  • Amy Lindsey
    “Developing the right solutions for small businesses begins by asking the right questions.”

    Amy Lindsey

    Director, Territory Sales

    ​With 30 years of experience, Amy oversees three advertising territories as well as the La Voz publication. But it’s not all work and no play. In fact, her recipe for relaxation is spending an entire day in the kitchen.

  • Sean  Rogers
    “The right solution starts with a thorough understanding of the end consumer.”

    Sean Rogers

    Director, Client Strategy

    ​25 years in the industry help Sean deliver innovative solutions that drive sales while leading Client Solutions, B2B and Creative Development teams. His professional tenure isn’t the only thing that prepared him to take the stage at Republic Media – he played at CBGB during the hardcore punk heyday.

    “It’s our goal to make the first decision the RIGHT decision.”


    Director, Advertising Operations

    With 22 years of industry experience, Craig directs the activities, operations, staff and strategy of the advertising operations departments. Overseeing print and digital support and design, newspaper layout and advertising systems may seem like a lot, but for this avid golfer it’s just par for the course.