11:54am    March 19, 2018

Meet Kelly Olson, Territories Account Manager

Written by Gannett Client Strategy Team

What is your role and how do you support advertising? As a Territories Account Manager I check buy sheets, DocuSign’s, contracts, input orders, receive & check creative, send ads to GIADC to be built, interact with clients daily about their ads, handle account billing, process payments and more. 

How long have you been with Republic Media? 10 Years on March 28th

What is one of your greatest accomplishments? Being a single parent and raising 3 fully functioning, independent, society-contributing fantastic people!

If you could have one work related super power what would it be? Foresight – The ability to see into the future to better anticipate what the clients/sales reps want or need.

Are you a native to Arizona? No - If not, what brought you here? My ex-husband moved us to AZ in 1998 – so I’m a born again Native.

What is one of your favorite things to do/see in Arizona? I LOVE NAZ [Northern Arizona] – I love to camp & hunt, ride quad at the Cinders, and deserts.